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Replacing 9g Servo Gears 

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Replacing 9g Servo Gears 

Written By: Joseph Schlesinger 

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Replacing 9g Servo Gears 

Step 1 — Replacing 9g Servo Gears 

• Sometimes with all the wear and tear of use (especially if you have 19 of them working in a 
robot...), servo gears need to be replaced. It's a much cheaper alternative to buying a new 
servo. Here's how to do it! 

• You'll need: 

• A fine Phillips-head screwdriver 

• Replacement gears 

• Broken servo 

Step 2 

Start by taking out all the screws from the bottom of the case. 

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Replacing 9g Servo Gears 

Step 3 

Take off any stickers on the outside; these might also hold together the different plastic 
parts of the case. 

Step 4 

• We're specifically going to look at changing the highlighted gear. It's the one that breaks 
95% of the time. The other gears are replaced in a similar manner. 

• Wiggle out the two gears that are on the same metal rod, and remove them. 

• Place one of the replacement gears in their place. 

• Put the servo back together in the reverse order that you took it apart. 

• Servo fixed! 

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